Travelling To Brooklyn – A Must In A Lifetime


Travelling To BrooklynBrooklyn is ranked one among the top must-see 15 tourists spots in the world. It is one of NewYork city’s five boroughs and occupies the south west tip of the Island. Brooklyn infact is the most densely populated of all the boroughs. It has a multi-cultural flavor which makes it a very fascinating destination for tourists from across the globe. It is also amazing to note that one in three New Yorkers is a Brooklynite. Explore this most populous and multicultural borough as it a cooolest place to be and to be seen.

Why travel to Brooklyn:

Brooklyn has something for everyone. It has a never ending array of museums, architectural and historic sites, world class theaters, amusement parks, vibrant night clubs, finest dining, shopping and recreational opportunities. You will find just what you are looking for and infact even things that you never ever expected. The following are the places of attraction recommended for those travelling in Brooklyn.
1. Brooklyn bridge: Walking across the Brooklyn bridge provides a spectacular and scenic view of the Manhattan, Brooklyn, the lower New York harbor and a picturesque view of the famous Statue of Liberty. This is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the U.S.A. it can be rightly said that no trip to Brooklyn is complete without a walk across the Brooklyn bridge.
2. Coney Island: This is famous for its amusement parks which provide you with excellent rides like the wonder wheel, cyclone coaster and the parachute jump. Coney Island also boosts a broad beach and sells the famous Nathan’s hot dogs.
3. Brooklyn museum: This second largest art museum in New York is located in the central Brooklyn and houses an impressive array of Egyptian masterpieces to the contemporary art.
4. Brooklyn botanic garden: It is a romantic spot as it hosts 52 acres of magnificient flora and fauna. This spot is a must-see for the plant lovers.
5. Prospect park: Opened in 1993 this park contains a zoo, Brooklyn museum of art and an Audubon center. Its entrance is prominent by a large memorial arch. This park provides a lot of child- friendly attractions.
6. Brooklyn height promenade: This spot affords a breathtaking view of the Manhattan horizon and the famous Brooklyn bridge.
7. The Fulton Ferry state park: From here you can explore the New Yorks city’s skyline and a panoramic view of Manhattan.
8. Brooklyn heights: This place is noted for its artistic buildings and historic churches. It also provides a spectacular view of the lower Manhattan skyline.

Other attractions in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn has many live theaters that host many famous film festivals. The Brooklyn brewery in Willamsburg is the source of the borough’s finest beers. For the shopping lovers Legacy, Flirt, Jaques Toress chocolates, Macy’s and the Aron’s provide a unique shopping experience. The free summer concerts and the out-door movie screens are other major attractions. Brooklyn also promises a vibrant night life with numerous dance clubs, jazz clubs and lively bars.


Travelling to Brooklyn is a must as it is considered as New York’s stylish and fashionable borough with cutting-edge shops , vibrant bars and avantgarde restaurants that rival almost everything in Manhattan.