Survival at present times

Survival kitSurvival is also termed as self-preservation. It is the battle in order to remain alive. This struggle is regularly and systematically done by all, every day. But, when a person lies in danger then this war become very aggressive. If anyone is lost, then it is very difficult to be rescued. In such a situation, this person obviously requires emergency help. Hence, they need some survival strategies.

Signaling for help is one of the best strategies. If the person doesn’t have radio, cellular phone or a whistle, then he/she has to apply the visual signals with the help of available materials like fire and smoke, a signal mirror, flares and flashlights or strobe lights. is one of the best website that provides information on survival.

Survival Fundamentals

A bag filled with useful items and supplies is a necessary thing to prepare for emergencies or troubles. For doing these tasks, a small amount of analysis and planning must be required. The three key factors of survival can be epitomized in building a shelter, making sure to able to care for any health problems, and searching for necessary sustenance like food and water.

  • Shelter – It is the important thing during the evacuation. A light tent should be taken in the bag. The best way to build a temporary shelter is a lean-to type construction or a triangular shelter.
  • Water – No one can live without water for more than three days. Water can be collected into a container from running streams, rain, or morning dew. It is a good idea to carry quart size plastic bags on hand especially for the purpose of storing drinking water.
  • Food – It is good to have some form of nourishment packed in the survival pack for evacuations. Generally, dry foods are the best foods that can be carried for long time without being spoiled.
  • Health – The idea of taking a flexible medical kit during evacuation is compulsory. Disinfectants, bandages for treating small bruises, cuts, and punctures and compression tape for treating sprains and fractures must be in this medical kit. The foods that damage the stomach should not be eaten. Drinking alcohol should also be avoided.

Survival Accessories

  • Bug out gears – A bag out gear is a premade bug out bags. These are generally –
    • Urban Survival Kit Deluxe
    • Disaster Preparedness Kit
    • 72 Hour Emergency Survival Bug Out Bag
  • Survival armament –
    • Pepper Spray – UDAP 12HP Bear Spray
    • Knife – Gerber 06995 Silver Trident, SOG knives SEAL Team Fixed Blade knife, Benchmade 903SBK.
    • Rifle – This is compact, commonly accessible as well as relatively affordable.
  • SOC bags – These bags come with a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects and its exceptional size, performance and capacity separates it from another bug out bags.
  • Prepper Stocking Stuffers –
    • MOLLE Tactical Stocking
    • Leatherman Z-Rex
    • Sawyer Mini Water Filter
    • Paracord /550 Line
    • Titanium Spork
    • MTM Survivor Box
    • First Aid Kits
    • Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool
    • Suunto A-10 Field Compass
    • Northbound Train Headlamp
    • Sabre Red Pepper Spray
    • Kershaw Leek

With more information, besides these, on the website, you can be very well equipped to get out of any kind of trouble.