How will you get your perfect baseball pitching machines?

baseball pitching machinesDo you like playing baseball? Are you looking for the best quality baseball pitching machines for your training session? If you are, then right now you must be very confused about what to buy. With all the global exposure of today’s market, you can find a pool of such machines in just a click away. But when people want to buy one from the pool, then they face difficulty in choosing the correct one that they want. This review will try to help you out from that dilemma. Here you will find every basic fact for your new pitching machine.

Easy set up:

Generally the pitching machines come in various sizes complementing your need. Depending upon the area you have to practice tour track and hit. If you have a basement or backyard, then you can try out those soft toss machines which are small. Try to pick those machines which give a hassle free result. Wired model is generally recommendable in a small area. Instead of wires you can always try rechargeable model to make things easier.

Logic behind the release:

Every machine has own timing of throwing the ball. After a ball is thrown, its speed increases in the slider and then the ball jumps from the end of the slider. It flips in an arc position which is a little in outward and upward direction. Then this ball falls into the net of the striker. The striker has to strike the ball or the ball will get on the net. These machines deliver a toss after a particular and regular interval. This helps the striker to put a good swing and practice in synchronous mode.

Do some math:

Each ball has a particular released interval. If you just multiply that interval with the number of the ball present in every rack of the machine then we can find the total time for every rack.  Now if you add some seconds for picking up the ball from the net or you give a break between the different racks in the machine, then you will get the amount of swings that a hitter can give or take in a particular time.

Sometimes you might think that whether the weight and the type of the ball can reduce the timing? Well the answer is that usually the speed of the ball doesn’t depend upon whether it’s a leather ball or dimple ball. Buy those kinds of pitching machines, which can toss any kind of ball with the same ease, speed and arc.


The quality of the pitching machines matters a lot. The pitching machines are actually responsible for the quality of the swings of its user. And they can seriously make a huge difference in the baseball practice; the players take soft toss more than pitching swings. A good quality toss machine adds the sense of ball tracking in the player.


If you want to buy the machine, then before that you should also check the facilities that the machine is providing. Some of the common features to look upon are:

  1. Lightweight and handy
  2. Whether it’s good for all ages or it’s for professionals only
  3. Is it for both defensive and offensive drills?

Think about all these points before buying the pitching machine to make a recognizable difference.