Great Places to Eat in Brooklyn: Experience New York and Fill Your Hunger

Eat in BrooklynAfter a day of walking around visiting tourist spots, taking pictures, and shopping, your grumbling stomachs deserves nothing but the best food, so it is time to find great places to eat in Brooklyn. When you hear New York, or Brooklyn in particular, one food always top the list: pizza. Yes, aside from being called “the coolest city”, there are cool things to do in NYC and this place is also the home of the best pizza in the world, but Brooklyn has more to offer than this. Take a look and see what food you will try next.

Di Fara Pizza

Since pizza has already been mentioned, let us start with a place that is known to offer the best. If you have seen the latest list of must-try pizzas in the world, Di Fara is up there ahead of everyone else, and New Yorkers are just too happy to have it in their midst. Never miss the chance to take a bite off their delicious recipes when you happen to visit the city, and be proud to say you have tasted the best pizza in the whole planet.

Henry’s End

If you want a familiar dish made extraordinary, this is the place to be. Here, even the regular fried chicken is made special with the extra ingredients added to the mix. Henry’s End has been serving a long list of loyal customer since the early ’70s. This red-brick resto is still up and running, which has a lot to say on how good it has been, and still is, satisfying its patrons.

Reyes Deli & Grocery

Located in Midwood, this is the place for taco lovers. Not do they only offer the best taco, you can also expect affordable food. So, do not be shy and order 3 servings of taco with your favorite toppings.

The River Cafe

Would not it be nice to have the perfect view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the river while having mouthfuls of delicious food? The River Cafe satisfies not only your appetite, but your eyesight, too. Their specialty is their sea bass that has mashed potato as a side dish. It is certainly one of the great places to eat in Brooklyn.

Peter Luger Steak House

This place is so famous that you need to reserve two weeks in advance and still wait a few minutes to be seated. Try their Porterhouse and onion rings when you go there. Much positive raves have been told about them plus their other side dishes.


For a taste of Greek cuisine in Brooklyn, try this place out. Great food, music, and drinks, combine for the perfect ambiance, much the same as the local tavernas in Greece. You will leave a bit rounder in the middle after hefty servings of their seafood and pastries.

As you can see, Brooklyn is not just all about pizza. Tourists will feel at home when they enter the doors of a restaurant that serve their local dishes, some with a slight New York twist in them to enjoy both worlds. There are plenty of great places to eat in Brooklyn, just do not hesitate to walk around and try that cozy little nook around the corner.