Documentaries Showcase Bountiful Local Offerings

Dart Cayman IslandsThe Cayman Islands are a lush and vibrant tourist’s paradise where, each year, close to two million people find sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and hospitality that matches the Caribbean’s pleasant warmth.

Artists, small business owners and craftsmen provide a distinct cultural flavor to the nearly 55,000 permanent residents.

The series, called “Made in Cayman”, delights in offering a glimpse into the rich diversity of goods and services available.

Listen as 22 different artisans tell their stories in 20 unique videos.

If the viewer has a hankering for sweets, they will have to try not to fly the Jolly Roger when they visit Captain Robert Hamaty’s Tortuga Rum Cakes. Rest assured, black flag or no, they will sail away satisfied after tasting the delicious golden brown cakes of the former airline pilot.

The owner of the Cayman Pepper Patch doesn’t claim to have invented pepper jelly, but she’s perfected a recipe that’s left her customers continually clamoring for more.

“I don’t have fans, I have addicts,” says Carol Hay about her gourmet pepper jelly.

Visit a gallery in which a Chris Christian painting is hanging, and be swept away by the fluid brush strokes and lulled by the rhythms of the paint. Inspired by the ocean, the former construction worker’s tidal style is magnetic enough that he is one of the most sought after artists in the Cayman Islands.

Lovingly filmed and edited by Sean and Ainslee Bodden of Tangram Media and Entertainment, the documentaries exhibit a rare and deft touch in communicating the passion of the artisans.

Perhaps because of the local touch of the producers, the distinct personality of each person interviewed shines through.

One of the beauties of traveling to exotic locations is that the traveler often takes a piece of that place with them when they return home. The passion, appropriate music and aesthetic background choices leave viewers feeling as though they take a piece of the Cayman Islands with them, while also leaving a distinct longing to experience the beauty and culture of the islands first hand.

The “Made in Cayman” series was conceptualized by Tangram Media & Entertainment and is sponsored by Dart Cayman Islands, part of the Dart group of companies owned by Ken Dart (