Cheap International Business Class Tickets

Travel is an essential part of our life like food, sleep and other such important things. Travel on the whole is largely important for business purpose. A professional businessman might need to travel every week or every month. So, this travel should be very comfortable so that he can concentrate on his task instead of being tired through journey. Nowadays, there are several numbers of agencies available on the Internet. BookItBusiness is one of such agency. This is an exclusive travel agency that prides itself in supplying its users with phenomenal personalized service. The journey of this company started from 2000 from the contribution of CEO Arthur “Bud” Finlaw. They are known to provide guaranteed best and minimum price on international business or first class airfares.  They have also long year experience in travel business. Besides these, the service of this agency is very professional, efficient and user-friendly that always tries to fulfill all satisfaction of the customers.

Distinction between Business class and First class airplane service

The common factors that can differentiate one airline from another are seat configuration, legroom, reclining, price, quality of food and service. First class is a travel class on airlines that is more luxurious than business class, as well as premium economy and economy class. First class generally offers restricted number of seats or cabins (rarely more than 20 seats) approaching the front of the aircraft that have more space, service, amenity, and security. It also offers AVOD (audiovisual on demand) entertainment. The quality of food and beverage is very good. On other hand, Business class is a much more significant modification from economy class for long haul flights. Although seats are less convenience than that of First class, their price is 1.5 -2 times lower than first class. So, business class cabin definitely provides value for its money. Nowadays, international business class offers a wider and more intimate seat, a full flat bed, private screen, luxury toilettes and many other things as part of the selected package.

Exceptional offers

BookItBusiness as a travel agency provides some exceptional offers that can easily attract customers. They are:
International Business Class Tickets

  • Facility to check out seat – This agency facilitates to verify the quality of seats and services during flight.
  • This agency also provides their passengers a facility to spend their long hiatus in a comfortable atmosphere of an airline lounge that gives a heavenly experience.
  • Cheapest price tickets – It genuinely offers lowest price business and first class tickets accessible on the market. The most cost efficient choice that can gives a top discount is booking tickets minimum 7-10 days prior to the actual departure date. Here, credit cards like Visa, MasterCard etc. are acceptable.
  • Customer support – 24X7 customer service.

Some features provided by this agency

  • The VIP hideout-> This is appropriate for celebrities and businessmen.
  • Anti-hunger lounge-> It is perfect for those persons who want to take rest.
  • The playgrounds-> Both the children and the parents will have the opportunity to enjoy a la carte meal ranging from Western to Asian cuisines here.
  • The glass lounge-> This lounge provides modern private rooms included with showers that may be reserved in advance.

So, this travel agency is a privately held online travel agency that provides many facilities to customers.