Travelling Brooklyn

Great Places to Eat in Brooklyn: Experience New York and Fill Your Hunger

Eat in BrooklynAfter a day of walking around visiting tourist spots, taking pictures, and shopping, your grumbling stomachs deserves nothing but the best food, so it is time to find great places to eat in Brooklyn. When you hear New York, or Brooklyn in particular, one food always top the list: pizza. Yes, aside from being called “the coolest city”, there are cool things to do in NYC and this place is also the home of the best pizza in the world, but Brooklyn has more to offer than this. Take a look and see what food you will try next.

Cheap and Luxurious Hotels in Brooklyn

Brooklyn HotelsIf you happen to be booking a flight to Brooklyn for a work or pleasure, you should start scouting now for the best Brooklyn hotels where you can stay comfortably, securely, and within your budget. In a bustling city, which is a popular tourist destination in the United States, you can be sure to find a long list of hotels to meet every kind of traveler. Here are a few for you to choose from:

The Condor Hotel

The hotel may be small and not located at the best part of the city, but it does boast of some good stuff too. Their rooms are spacious and large, well-maintained, and very clean. Most travelers are wary of the hygiene in every hotel, making it top the list of the factors you should consider when choosing a hotel, or maybe next to safety and security. The Condor Hotel also ensures a safe stay, and road trippers will be delighted to know that there is easy parking by the street. If you want to experience true New York commute, the subway is also just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. Most of all, they have the most accommodating receptionists who are sure to help you with all your needs.
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Travelling To Brooklyn – A Must In A Lifetime


Travelling To BrooklynBrooklyn is ranked one among the top must-see 15 tourists spots in the world. It is one of NewYork city’s five boroughs and occupies the south west tip of the Island. Brooklyn infact is the most densely populated of all the boroughs. It has a multi-cultural flavor which makes it a very fascinating destination for tourists from across the globe. It is also amazing to note that one in three New Yorkers is a Brooklynite. Explore this most populous and multicultural borough as it a cooolest place to be and to be seen.