Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Kauai Will Give You A Tour To Remember

There is no doubt that if you want to really see the best that Hawaii has to offer, then you are advised to get into the sky and check out the simply breathtaking scenery. There are of course a number of companies that you may want to use, but if you want the best, then by flying with Hawaiian Helicopters Kauai will appear to be even more beautiful than you were aware of due to the amazing tours on offer from this company.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters have been in existence since 1985 and over these last few decades they have now become the biggest tour operator of their kind on the island of Kauai. Since 1998 they have won countless awards including the FAA’s Diamond Certificate of Excellence every year since then, and they have also gained the Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Quality since 1995 and you may also like to hear that National Geographic voted them as being their favorite helicopter company in the area as well. What all of this means is you will be flying with an established company that is certainly the best in the business.

In order to work out just why you should fly with this company it is perhaps best to look at what they offer you with each trip to see that it is not simply a case of climbing into a helicopter and looking out, but it is an entire experience that you are buying. Each trip consists of you wearing special Bose headphones that allow you to listen to a running commentary on what you are looking at without any interference, the pilot is a fully qualified Hawaii tour guide and you can also then talk back to them to ask questions and get even more information, you will also be given the opportunity to buy a recording of your flight, at $25, and this is a fantastic memento to take away with you for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

With regard to the helicopter itself, then you will be happy to know that their engineers are of course fully qualified and highly experienced so there is nothing to worry about in that regard. There are also two different styles of helicopters available with these being the A-Star and the Eco-Star and both are extremely reliable and will certainly be able to offer you a fantastic flight with the Eco-Star offering you an amazing amount of space and the flight is also pretty quiet as well.

So when you are wanting to see Hawaii from the air, then by booking your trip with Hawaiian Helicopters Kauai can be seen in an entirely different light thanks to you flying with the premiere helicopter company in the area. The flight times that are available will vary depending upon when you are looking to go on a tour, you are advised to book at least a week in advance to ensure availability, and there are also different packages available with them varying in lengths from 30 minutes to around an hour so you have more than enough time to really experience what Kauai has to offer.